Lottery #2 – Win 500$

December 31, 2021

Hi Everyone

We are here Starting our very own Lottery. Starting Line goes with 500$ Lottery. So…

Buy & Win

Could It Be Easier Than This?!

So try It, You Might Win !!

First Thing First read this post to find HOW and WHEN you can participate in this Lottery.

Now if you read it you must know what’s going on here so lets not waist any time and join in Lottery.

*Note: As we say it time to time our work is to introduce other website and their work to you, With using our link to buy, book, order from those sites you give us profits through affiliate program and we put some of those profits for you to win a lottery.

* For Example:

People From USA use Amazon to buy items and Amazon give us profit for our work and that is what we need for lottery or in China people buy from Alibaba or Aliexpress and that is the profit Or people in Poland do the same thing buy using Allegro.

You can Find This Kind Of Website On The Link Below.

Starting People For This Lottery:

To start this lottery, the number of people who use our site to buy, book, order and… things should be between :

1000 – 1200

* Note: The reason for this mount of people for lottery is because some of your order might give us profits under 1$ and considering this mount of low profits and the Tax that we should pay for them it will be Variable number of people to start it. You can be sure that after the number is reach we will Inform you as soon as possible with any kind of contact information that you give us.

Last Step :

As we said for Mutual Trust you need to verify your order in our Youtube so you can do it by click on link below.

For any news and update you can follow us on Instagram with link below.


How do we pay the winner price?

1- Cash 2- Buying Item with same price from the websites we introduce

How much time it take for us to pay the price to winner?

1 Month after the Lottery end.

How do we pay the Cash price to winner?

1- Paypal 2- Bank Account

What will happen if I buy more things or the value of my order is high?

More order will give you more chance in each Lottery.

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