How To Join in Lottery

Hi Guys

We are here starting our work for Lottery. Here is some rules and things that you should know to find out how to join our Lotteries.

The Way To Lottery


Lottery’s Income

Where the Lottery Money Come From

First thing First is that joining in our lottery doesn’t have any risk for you at all. Now we explain it how.

Our work here is to introduce the best website in each field of work and how to trust them and buys things from them.

The Cost for starting lottery came with your purchase from this website by the Affiliate Marketing, it means that you go to websites with our link then they give us profit when you buy, book or… from them. When this profits gets high enough we start one of the lottery for you.


Lottery Participants

The Number Of People That Join Each Lottery

The important thing for Lotteries is that the income should be enough and the more Participants that join the Lotteries, the faster Lotteries begin. So we ask you to join faster to be one of our Participants.

Remember that each participant can get more chance in each lottery by buying, booking or… from our references.

The other thing is that you can get more chance with Inviting other people, the more people you invite, the more chance you get.


Verifying Lottery chance

How To Verify Your Lottery Chance After Your Purchase

After each time that you get something by our referral link, you should verify it by giving us information about your purchase (Purchase Date, Item Name and ID, Full Name, Email, Country, City, Your Purchasing Website and Screenshot From Your Bill).

For Verifying your purchase you can leave a Reply (With Information Above) under each Lottery post.

After that you don’t need to wait for approval because we won’t show it to other people for security of your Information.

After we accept your purchase we will send you an approval Email.


Neighborhood Lottery

Where To Get Your Things

We Introduce and work with most of websites in world in all the fields so you can purchase your thing from website in your country. If you didn’t find your thing then you can find it in worldwide websites which we introduce to you.


Rules Of Websites

The Rules To Get Lottery Chance

The Importance of our work is to get profits to start the lottery so you should read each website’s rules to make sure that your purchase give us profits for lottery chance.

Some categories in each websites doesn’t give profits so make sure to get profitable things.


Mutual Trust

How To Trust Each Other

In last part we should get to the trust issue.

Think this way that how can you be sure that the number of Participants for lottery will be reached to starting it.

For that we will make an Youtube account and for each lottery we make a video. You should go to that video and subscribe it and leave a comment with Identifying yourself as contributor so that we and other contributor knows that when the number is reached to our limit.

After that it would be the end of work and Start Of lottery.

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